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Audition for our award-winning competition team Aug 9th – 11th.

Casey Juul

“Not only is Kelsey a talented teacher who is capable to help kids become highly proficient dancers,  she’s a wonderful mentor and role model who always puts her students first and creates a positive learning environment.”

Whitney Masse

“Kelsey is creative and full of energy! She knows how to engage dancers in focusing on correct technique, while teaching them how to dance with heart and emotion. Kelsey is up to date on current dance trends and really feels making connections with each individual… Read more “Whitney Masse”

Ethan Zambrano

“Kelsey was my first dance teacher at the age of 17. She pushed me and encouraged me to be a great dancer in the performing and teaching sense. In my preparation for auditioning at Oklahoma City University for the dance program, Kelsey worked with me… Read more “Ethan Zambrano”

Jayme Stedman

“In the 8 years that I have known and worked alongside Kelsey, I have been blown away at her creativity and work ethic. Kelsey has a way of connecting with her students on a level that brings out the best in them, both in the… Read more “Jayme Stedman”

Derek Mitchell

“Kelsey was my assistant and one of my lead dancers for 3 of the years that she was in NYC studying dance. She was an asset to all of my projects over that time. Her passion, commitment and determination were some of the qualities that… Read more “Derek Mitchell”

Kayla Tanberg

“After working with Kelsey for a few years in the dance industry, I can honestly tell you that I have never met someone who is so hardworking, humble and talented. Kelsey is not just your average teacher. She is always encouraging her dancers and the… Read more “Kayla Tanberg”

Nicole Colon

“My daughter tried one hip hop class last year which she loved so much she added Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical in May. I have found that Kraz dance has really helped to develop her skills in dance but also enhance confidence she has in herself.… Read more “Nicole Colon”

Cassie Webster

“My girls have been a part of KrAz Dance for three years now. My oldest Adalyn is starting her second year in the competition team and Emalyn is doing recreational classes. Both my girls love dancing at KrAz dance with their teachers. Miss Kelsey and… Read more “Cassie Webster”

My 11 year old daughter has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and it wasn’t until she came to Kraz Dance that her skills began to grow tremendously. I’ve watched her grow as a dancer and as a person too. The time and… Read more “”

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